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1. Judgment of the Moon

Cherry Pits, Red Clover, Skullcap, Oat Protein

2. Dolphin Dreams

Certified Organic Cherry Pits, Valerian, Chamomile, SAM-E Tablets

3. Mary's Tongue

Cherry Pits, Gentian Violet, Chamomile, Skullcap

4. Symbolic Constructs Hide the Real World

Cherry Pits, Ginko Biloba, Zinc, Plastic Foam, Goji Berry, Probiotics

5. Lemon Vision

Cherry Pits, Fresh Evaporated Seawater, Chili Flakes

6. Soft Touch

Cherry Pits, Potassium Sorbate, Apple Seed, Crushed Ativan

7. Memory Blanket

Cherry Pits, Passionflower, wildflower seeds, Millet

8. Way to Vista Valley

Cherry Pits, Ashwagandha, RFID access card, Slippery Elm

10. Purpose or Intention

Cherry Pits, Lemon Balm, Aspirin

11. Code Words

Cherry Pits, Slippery Elm, Stevia, Four leaf clover, Seaweed